1st Meeting
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1st Meeting: backpacking info, tents, demo stove construction, hot chocolate

The snack person brings instant hot chocolate, marshmallows, snacks.

The Project Leader brings:
        4 pots for 20 cups of water (my four pots are: 1L=3.5 cups,
               1.5L=6.5 cups, 5.5"=3 cups, 7"=7 cups)
        stoves, windscreens, and pot stands for above pots
        all tools and materials (note: use the mess kit cups
               for the hot chocolate)
        tents, real backpack, packed panniers
        water, tin snips, needle-nose pliers, scissors

6:05 show/try-on a real loaded backpack
        show panniers, picture of bike-camping
        show sleeping bag, blanket, pillow
        show kitchen items, toothbrush, multi-tool, tooth brush

6:20 discuss camping food - cereal, mini-cereal, milk, butter, eggs

6:25 set up tents
        take down tents

6:45 outside: show stoves, start water boiling (an adult will need to stay out with the boiling water)

6:55 inside: demonstrate stove assembly stations

7:15 outside: make hot chocolate, have snack

Send home a note for the next meeting: bring a 5.5-7" pot