2nd Meeting
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2nd meeting: make stoves, cup-of-soup

Leaders = Project Leader, Troop Leader, 5 more adults

The snack person brings 20 chicken noodle cup-of-soup packages (Lipton 4-pack costs $1.30), Saltines

Borrow: 2 needle-nose pliers, tin snips

Troop leaders bring: troop scissors, extra pots

The Project Leader brings:
     all tools and materials
     tin snips, needle-nose pliers, regular pliers
     scissors, 2 hole punches

Girls bring: 5.5-7" pots

20 girls / 5 stations = 4 girls per station

5 stations x 12 minutes = 60 minutes to make the stoves
(start with 4 gallon-size Ziploc bags at each station for the girls to put their work in)

     Station 1 - Simmer Can
     Station 2 - Pot Stand
     Station 3 - Wind Screen
     Station 4 - Main Burner
     Station 5 - Stove Base, Mess Kit, Vote

Try out the stoves
Boil water
Make and have a snack of cup-of-soup
Clean up
Leaders keep the mess kits and stoves for the next meeting

Send home a note for the next meeting:
     sneakers for hiking
     a backpack
     a 5.5-7" pot
     a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon for cooking