3rd Meeting
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3rd meeting: hike, cook & eat supper

(Project Leader snack night - we will donate some of the food instead of a snack)

Leaders = Project Leader, Troop Leader, 5 more adults

Leaders bring: extra pots and wooden spoons

Project Leader brings:
     water, food, towels
     container to mix milk in

Girls bring:
     sneakers for hiking
     5.5-7" pot
     wooden spoon

It's supper night! Cook and eat:
     Mac n cheese
     Mashed potatoes and gravy
     Chicken-flavored rice
     Spaghetti and sauce
     Ramen noodles

Mix up a container of milk for the mac and cheese and the mashed potatoes

Other possibilities: Lipton Noodles and sauce, Chicken Helper

Drink: water, milk, chocolate milk (bring chocolate powder, powdered milk)

Dessert: apples

The mess kits and stoves can go home with the girls.