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The overall project agenda changed a bit. Instead of having three meetings, we had one meeting and then did the second and third meeting agendas during a troop camping weekend.

First Meeting
I could have easily used up two hours for this meeting. I had to rush through some things to get done on time. The girls really enjoyed the material and we had a lot of fun.

"Second Meeting"
Station 1 and Station 4: The first girls at these stations were working too fast and sloppy. Their can edges were very jagged and beyond repair with sandpaper. We had to really emphasize technique and a smooth final cut to make these stations work.
Can-cutting technique: Tell them not to go straight down to their black line and try to turn a corner. Cutting down via a gradual spiral is necessary. When they get about 1/2" from their line, it is good to cut completely around the can at that point and remove the top half of the can. Then they should spiral down to their black line and carefully do a smooth continuous final cut.
Station 3: The girls struggled punching the holes along the bottom of the wind screens. They could do some, but they did not have the hand strength to do this well. The station leader and myself completed the hole-punching.
Station 5: I had a couple of reasons for having the girls make mess kits. I thought it was environmentally responsible to reuse a mess kit rather than throwing away disposable dishes. The mess kit could be used for future cooking and eating projects. Each girl would be responsible for cleaning their own dishes, relieving the leaders of some cleanup work. In reality, washing all the dishes was a hassle. I would probably use disposable dishes if redoing this project.

"Third Meeting"
What a blast! The girls loved cooking on their stoves and enjoyed eating the food. Everything tasted fine. The spaghetti was a bit sticky and I have modified that recipe.