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Station 5A - Stove Base

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Supplies: 20 pieces 5"x5" aluminum flashing
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Equipment: sample stove base, 2 scissors, sandpaper

     Use the sample to trace cutting lines onto a piece of aluminum
     Cut out your octagon
     Sand the 4 cut edges and all 8 corners so that they are smooth

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Station 5B - Mess Kit

Supplies: bowls, cups, utensils, plates (not pictured: instruction sheets, fuel dispensers)
Equipment: Sharpie, hole punch

     Label all items
     Punch ventilation holes in a gallon Ziploc bag
     Pack everything into the Ziploc bag

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Station 5C - Vote for Foods

Put a check mark by each food you would like to eat.
Macaroni and cheese                                      
Mashed potatoes and gravy                                      
Chicken-flavored rice                                      
Spaghetti and sauce                                      
Ramen noodles                                      

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