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Cooking for the Family
These alcohol fuel stoves are fine for cooking for 1 or 2 people. But what about family camping? Do you need to buy a Coleman cook-stove and propane bottles? Should you double up on the number of stoves and pots?

One big pot is much more convenient than multiple small packages of everything. I experimented with boiling a big pot of water.

click for larger picture I made a larger pot stand and used three Fuzzy Junior stoves inside of it. I fastened two wind screens together with paper-clips.
click for larger picture Three burners burning ...
      ... and a pot stand in a pear tree.
click for larger picture I put 2 ounces of fuel in each stove. 10 cups of water in a 9" pot came to a boil in 13 minutes. There was a lid on the pot most of the time. The stoves burned for a total of 23 minutes.
I repeated this test using three 8-hole PASS Stoves. The boiling time was 9 minutes and the fuel lasted for 15 minutes.
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