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Fuel Notes
These stoves use denatured alcohol for fuel. You can find this in the paint thinner section of hardware or building supply stores. The containers are sometimes also labeled "Marine Stove Fuel". Please note that other paint thinners and stove fuels are explosive and should not be used in this stove.

Heet gas-line antifreeze is a good fuel source that is readily available. You want the Heet in the yellow bottle where the main ingredient is methyl alcohol. I have tested Heet and it worked well. Another useable alternative fuel is isopropyl alcohol; however, it will deposit a lot of soot on the bottom of your pot.

I have had one experience with "bad" denatured alcohol. This can of denatured alcohol covered my pot bottom with soot. This denatured alcohol burned with a yellow flame instead of a light blue flame. Basically, it looked and performed like isopropyl alcohol.

I asked on a couple of newsgroups if other people had experienced "bad" denatured alcohol and several had. There are various ways to denature alcohol and one of these may be a problem for our purposes. I have read all the fine print on my various brands of denatured alcohol and cannot find an indicator that points to the denaturing method or otherwise differentiates them.

These are "good" and "bad" brands per my experience and as reported to me. If you would like to add your brands to this list, .

Brands of Denatured Alcohol
Klean-Strip S-L-X Sunnyside

Three of us have used Sunnyside and found it to be "bad". It is ironically mislabelled as "Marine Stove Fuel".

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