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PASS Stove

The design goals for this stove were cheap materials and easy to build. Amazingly, its performance turned out to be very good. PASS stands for Plain And Simple Stove.

The original version had 21 holes for maximum airflow. That version sent a lot of flames up the side of the pot. I tried fewer holes to throttle back the flame a bit. In the 8-hole version, the boiling time is just a bit more while fuel consumption is considerably improved.

This stove is also documented as the main burner for my Girl Scout Stove Project.

click for larger picture Mark a line around the can 2" from the bottom.
click for higher resolution picture Cut into the top opening of the can with tin snips. Then switch to scissors to neatly cut off the bottom section. Sand the cut edge so that it is not sharp.
click for higher resolution picture Use a hole-punch to punch eight holes in a circle around the can as far down as the hole-punch will reach. You can get fairly even spacing without measuring by doing halves, then quarters, then eighths. (The 21-hole version has holes spaced about 1/8" apart.)
click for larger picture The completed stove.
click for larger picture The stove in action.
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