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Stove Insanity
I read about these stoves the winter after I first did a few short self-contained bicycle trips. The stoves really struck a chord with me. They really appealed to my frugal (okay, cheap!) side. Some of the designs are very easy to build which fits well into the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy. The process of turning used-up cans directly into a useful product without any reprocessing appeals to the tree-hugger in me.

Anyway, soon the metal scraps were flying. There were several nights when I stayed up way too late, because I just had to test out one more design idea.

click for higher resolution picture These are the intact stoves I have sitting around. Given a certain stove design, there are an infinite number of variations you can build when you factor in different heights, can widths, hole counts, and hole sizes.
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