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Pepsi Can Stove

I am not going to document the building of this stove in detail because I have easier designs that perform better. A Pepsi Can stove did seem to be a must-have because they are very popular. It was nice to have one to compare to my other stoves.

I built this stove because it was the simplest Pepsi Can design I came up with. It does not use any epoxy. It combines ideas from two stoves. Step 1 comes from Scott's Pepsi Can Stove and steps 2-4 come from The G. LaMar Kirby Stove.

The Pepsi brand of can is a requirement for this stove. The Pepsi can has a narrower support ring on the can bottom than other brands. When you press in the edge of a cylinder that is exactly the right circumference, you will get a very nice seal.


1.) Internal Cylinder Wall: Cut out a section of a pop can with dimensions of 200mm long by 1-3/8" high. Make a mark at 150mm. Wrap the far end to the 150mm mark and staple your cylinder. The 150mm dimension is the critical dimension for a proper fit. Cut two 1/8" triangular notches in the bottom edge of your cylinder.

2.) Bottom Section: Cut off the bottom portion of a can at 1-3/8" in height.

3.) Top Section: Cut out most of the middle portion of the bottom surface of a can. Use a 1/16" drill bit to drill 24 holes around the bottom lip of the can. Cut the bottom of the can off at a height of 3/4". Cut slits about 1/2" apart up to the can shoulder.

4.) Assembly: Put the cylinder in the middle and press the top and bottom sections together. Once you have the sections starting together, use a board to press down on the top section so it will go down evenly.

click for higher resolution picture The assembled stove.
click for higher resolution picture Action shot.
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