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Pot Stand
click for larger picture 1/2" hardware cloth is a good material for pot stands. Dimensions of 2-1/2"x13-1/2"(+prongs) makes a pot stand that will fit most small- and medium-size pots. I use my rotary tool to cut the hardware cloth. It is easier for me than wire cutters and if I am careful I can get nice clean (not sharp) cuts.
click for larger picture Use needle-nose pliers to assemble the pot stand.
click for larger picture click for larger picture This pot stand can be made inexpensively. Start with an empty 30-ounce can of canned fruit or other wide can. Cut it off at 2-5/8" using your rotary tool or tin snips. Drill lots of vent holes along the top and bottom edges. The picture on the left does not have enough vent holes; the stoves could not get enough air. The right-hand picture has more vents and works fine.
Update: This pot stand can get hot enough to scorch wood beneath it! The "mesh" style above appears to be much safer.
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