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Rocket Stove System
If I ever get to tour with Jamie Noble, I hope that we can hold a repeat of his Camp Stove Olympics. The Rocket Stove System will be my entry in the contest. I think it is a contender.

The Rocket Stove System is not a good choice for a long bicycle tour, since you sacrifice fuel efficiency for speed.

click for higher resolution picture The components of the system are:
1.) priming pan - the end of a 3-3/8" diameter can
2.) a bit of hardware cloth
3.) Rocket Stove - this is a redimensioned Fuzzy's Lil' Stove. To make it, follow the instructions for the Fuzzy Junior Stove. Use dimensions of 1-1/4" for the bottom and 2" for the top.
click for higher resolution picture Using the stove:
1.) Put 1.5 ounces of fuel in the stove
2.) Put 1/8 ounce of fuel in the pan
3.) Set the hardware cloth and the stove on the priming pan
The hardware cloth will allow the fuel under the stove to burn.
click for higher resolution picture The fuel in the priming pan is on fire. This makes the stove extra hot and extra-big flames are shooting up the sides of the pot. Jump-starting the stove in this manner reduces the boil time by about 30 seconds.
click for higher resolution picture These flames only come from the stove. The flames are back to their normal size for this stove.
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