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Wind Screen
This wind screen design is just a variation on designs I found at the Wings and other websites. I initially built two wind screens. They were custom-sized for the two pots I intended to camp with. The instructions below are for a generic-sized wind screen. It is a bit shorter to clear almost all pot handles and it is long enough to encircle medium-sized pots. At one point I went back to all my windscreens and added an opening to clear skillet handles.
click for larger picture For making a quantity of wind screens, buy a roll of aluminum flashing that is 10" wide. This divides nicely into thirds to give you 3-1/3" high wind screens. One or two wind screens can be made from an oven liner.
click for larger picture Use a piece of 28"x3-1/3" aluminum flashing to make a windscreen that will fit medium-size pots and smaller. The tapered top corners let a skillet handle stick out. Use scissors to round off the corners. Sand all edges and corners so that they are not sharp. Use a hole-punch to punch holes along the bottom edge.
click for larger picture Use two paper-clips to make the wind screen into a circle.
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