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TrayDay - This nifty utility displays the current day of the month in the system tray. I find this to be very handy. When I am about to write the date on a piece of paper, I merely need to glance at the PC and the date is there. You do not need to reach for the mouse and hover over the time to get the date. Double-clicking on the date in the tray causes the current date to be typed into the application that you are working in. The format is pre-specified by the user. I have found this feature to be useful as well. A calendar is conveniently accessible in two clicks. The cost is $15. You may download a free evaluation version that may be all you will ever need. However, if you keep the program on your PC, please purchase it, they deserve the money and it is well worth it.

FileZilla - This is the file transfer protocol program that I use. It works well and it is freeware. Nice!

SAMenu - This is an Explorer add-in that is available when you right-click a file or files. I use it to rename groups of files and to copy directory listings to the clipboard. This program is free! The company behind the program, Smaller Animals Software, has a variety of nifty free and low-cost programs.

Second Copy - Do you get the feeling that most home PC users are not backed up in the event of a system failure? I do. Alas, a cheap and easy backup solution still seems elusive. A "ghost" backup solution may be ideal. I currently use Second Copy to back up any changed data files on a daily basis. I organize my programs to use a certain data folder on each computer. Each computer's data folder is backed up daily to another computer. Second Copy just copies files without combining or compressing them, but I like it that way.

Jungle Disk - This what I am using to back up my files offsite. My offsite file location is the Amazon S3 cloud.

ImageGrab - You can use this free program to get still photos out of a video. This software is straight-forward and does not even have an installation procedure. It is just an ".exe" file that you run.

NetMechanic - This company has many free services that you should use to check the functionality of your website. They will check your links, check your HTML, and evaluate your server. Their GIFBot does a great job of of reducing the size of your image files.